Brown, Sixers working to fix offensive 'mess'

Brown, Sixers working to fix offensive 'mess'

The Sixers are blown away by the Nets in preseason action

October 16, 2013, 7:00 pm
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Brett Brown's developing offense will keep the Sixers' young team busy in his first year in Philly. (AP)

The Sixers will wake up a little earlier than usual for Thursday’s 11 a.m. exhibition game against the Charlotte Bobcats. After Wednesday’s practice, Brett Brown said he was mulling over resting some of his veteran players after four games. Thaddeus Young and Evan Turner are averaging more than 30 minutes a game so far and Spencer Hawes is playing 26 minutes.

Thursday’s game might give the young Sixers a chance to work on some of the new plays Brown introduced in practice on Wednesday.

“We have a special offense called, “run” and a defense called, “rebound.” That’s what we put in today,” Brown said.

That was in response to the 30-point loss to the Nets on Monday night where the Sixers were manhandled in the paint, struggled to get out on the fast break and had very little going in the half-court offense.

There was a good reason why the Sixers couldn’t manage against the Nets’ size and speed.

“We’ve spent so much time running and for the first time we weren’t getting stops and they were getting back,” Brown said.

Rebounding and offense were the focus of the Sixers’ work on Wednesday and it’s going to take some time to get it clicking. So far, the offense has been “a mess,” Brown said.

“We’re not as organized as we need to be in the half-court game, obviously,” Brown said. “Personally, I feel naked. I’m a little bit lost along with them because we haven’t invested the time. We’ve spent so much time trying to put our defense right and running. After that, it’s a possession game like most NBA games are and I felt naked. I felt like that had a lot to do with our lull. We couldn’t get stops and we weren’t organized on offense.”

Moreover, much of the offense hasn’t even been introduced in practice yet, according to Young. With so many young players and a new coach and staff, the playbook has been opened very slowly.

“I probably wouldn’t even say 25 percent,” Young said when asked how much of the plays have been introduced. “With us having such a young team, we have to take the time and have a lot of patience and take it day-by-day and step-by-step. You can’t put in lumps of new plays and different schemes and stuff like that.”

Either way, the Sixers will try to incorporate “run” and “rebound” on Thursday morning against the Bobcats.

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