Brown working on getting Sixers into shape

Brown working on getting Sixers into shape

Wyatt earns shot to live out dream with Sixers

September 22, 2013, 3:15 pm
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Last Friday afternoon former Temple standout and now Philadelphia 76er, Khalif Wyatt, tweeted about his current fitness state.

Sixers head coach Brett Brown is working diligently to get each and every player on his roster in tip-top shape.

“The guys have been very open-minded,” Brown said of his players who have been together for two weeks getting to know their new coach. “At the very least they believe we are genuinely committed to their development, their conditioning, their games and who are they are off the court.”

Brown knows he has a very young roster but, in a short amount of time, he has learned where he can turn for leadership.

“I will lean heavily on Evan [Turner], Thaddeus [Young] and Spencer [Hawes].” Brown said. “You don’t need an abundance of veterans to balance the locker room. You need the right leaders.”

Turner, Young and Hawes have a combined 15 years of NBA experience.

What is also refreshing to hear from Brown is the team’s style of play will suit the talent he has on the roster, not the style being forced on players it doesn’t suit.

For instance, while the long-term goal for the franchise is to acquire three-point shooting because the “analytics” suggest it is a more efficient approach to scoring, the current Sixers roster is void of long-range sharp-shooters -- and Brown knows it.

“I don’t have the analytic bug,” Brown said. “I listen to it but it does not consume me. We have players who traditionally have taken two-point shots like Evan, Lavoy [Allen] and Thad.

“Evan’s future is going to be developing his perimeter game,” Brown continued. “But he can shoot the mid-range shot. He is strong and he can get to the basket. That is tough to guard.”

Turner is entering his fourth season as a pro. Last year he averaged career highs in points (13.3), rebounds (6.3) and assists (4.3).

Under Brown and his staff, Turner stands to have career numbers yet again.

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