Bynum still on track for February return

Bynum still on track for February return

February 4, 2013, 7:30 pm
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In the latest edition of “Monday’s with Andrew,” we learned that the injured All-Star center is still on track for a return sometime during February.

Otherwise, perhaps no news is good news for Andrew Bynum.

“February is the target, I guess,” Bynum said prior to Monday night’s game against the Orlando Magic at the Wells Fargo Center.

That didn’t really narrow it down too much, though Bynum has targeted the games right around the All-Star break as the target date for a return. For the Sixers, the last game before the break is Feb. 13 in Milwaukee before they reopen the season on Feb. 20 in Minnesota.

Before game-time arrives, Bynum has to actually go through a couple of full-contact practices, which doesn’t appear to be imminent. Bynum and his doctors are waiting for the big fella to get completely healthy before sending him out to the floor.

“My doctor said it’s just a fear of a big bone bruise, so I have to nurse it all the back up to playable conditions without pain or a setback,” Bynum said.

Bynum’s workouts are progressing. Aside from regular NBA-type practices, Bynum has tested nearly every aspect of his game. He’s jumped into defensive slides, dunked and shot a ton of jumpers. He also is running, stopping and starting without reinjuring his knees.

Bynum said he feels the typical post-workout pains, which he chalks up to a poor range of motion. Eventually, that will return, he said.

“Now we’re up to two-and-a-half or three-hour days,” Bynum said. “Lots of running and the elliptical and weights and basketball at the same time, so it’s good.”

In the meantime, Bynum received his second round of Synvisc injections last Thursday in New York City, which are used to oil up the joints around the knee just before an expected increase of activity. Bynum had a set of Synvisc injections last September in anticipation for training camp.

That was before a setback or two.

This time around the injections didn’t do much, according to Bynum.

“They didn’t really help that much,” Bynum said. “My right knee feels phenomenal and the left knee still feels some of that stuff a bit. It was an attempt to ease the pain a bit, but nothing has really changed that much.”

And so another episode of “Monday’s with Andrew” ends with no definitive date for a return for the All-Star center. He’s close, though. After all, February is the shortest month.