Can Turner, Holiday coexist moving forward?

Can Turner, Holiday coexist moving forward?

April 20, 2013, 5:45 pm
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Doug Collins' departure overshadowed the Sixer players going their separate ways for the offseason. Each player met with someone in the front office Thursday to talk about what transpired during the season and what should take place in preparation for next season.

“Being better in back-to-back situations; progressing as a shooter and a goal for the whole team getting to the free throw line and then growing as a leader,” Evan Turner said. “I agree with them in regards to back-to-back situations and my shooting being more consistent. I think I have grown a lot and I want to keep getting better and I think there is room for me to make an even bigger jump next year.”

Turner, in fact, averaged career highs in points (13.3), rebounds (6.3), assists (4.3) and minutes (35.3). Turner’s field-goal percentage dropped from 45 percent to 42. Turner will be heading into his fourth NBA season. Whether he will be wearing a Sixers jersey remains to be seen. Turner is on a qualifying offer for next season, but his name often comes up in trade talks and a contract extension has not yet been discussed.

“I think I will be here,” Turner said. “Not to be arrogant or cocky but my name comes up I believe because I have trade value. Whether I get heat for certain situations or bad nights I still think I am a valuable player in this league and I am just tapping my potential.”

The ongoing argument about Turner is whether he can play alongside Jrue Holiday. Holiday is under contract for the next four years. Holiday was also named to the All-Star team this year, averaging 17.7 points and eight assists -- both team highs. Holiday as the point guard has the ball in his hands the majority of the time. Turner is a player who also likes the ball in his hands.

“It is all about blending with Jrue,” Turner says. “He is an All-Star. He is the franchise guy and, once again, I have to get better coming off screens and playing without the ball and just growing as a player.”

Holiday admitted he grew tremendously under the guidance of Collins. Moving forward, he thinks the next head coach should be defensive-minded, which the Sixers were two years ago but dropped off this past season in part because of their changed personnel.

“I think somebody defensive-minded for sure,” Holiday said. “I actually liked Doug’s style how he had the passion and emotion and drive. He pushed us in that way. Usually when I play I am not as emotional but with him around, the joy and love for the game when he coaches, he coaches from the heart and I think teams tend to take on the personality of their coach.”

In that case, Josh Harris just needs to bring in a winner.

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