Dei-Mails: Sixers' character, Noel and Hawes

Dei-Mails: Sixers' character, Noel and Hawes
November 6, 2013, 12:45 pm
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Watching the Sixers win three in a row to start the season certainly had the town buzzing. The team did suffer a 20-point loss two nights ago, but people are talking about this team now, so we are sharing e-mails and Twitter questions -- the things people want to know.

Are we already on "wait till next year" stories? :)
-Joel Mathis ‏(@joelmmathis)

Joel was responding to the article written Tuesday about rebuilding Nerlens Noel’s shooting form, a task the Sixers are willing to undertake because there is a strong possibility they have the full season to work with him on this and not interfere with his in-game action.

Throughout this season, I will share updates about Noel’s progress. Sure, the Sixers are 3-1, but Noel was the sixth pick in last June’s draft. Where he is in his rehabilitation is pertinent to this season because he is a cornerstone of the Sixers’ future.

Is big Spence going to teach [Noel] to stroke threes from the top of the key?|
-AJC ‏(@BrawdStreet)

I doubt that will ever be Noel’s forte but I am glad you bring up Spencer Hawes and his shooting prowess. The Sixers' starting center is 7 for 14 from beyond the arc, and through four games he is shooting 58 percent overall. Hawes is averaging 15.8 points and 10.5 rebounds.

Last season Hawes shot 35.6 percent from long range but attempted just 87 threes for the season. He is on pace to shoot 287 threes. Ironically, a year ago Andre Iguodala attempted 287 three-pointers for Denver and made 32 percent of them,  making him 55th in the NBA in long-range attempts.

You're going to have off nights. How they play down big will show the character of this team.
-KL Photography (‏@KennyLeePhotos)

I could not agree with you more. I think you will see strong character because it is one of Brett Brown’s top priorities -- he said as much on Tuesday.

“You are never as good as you thought you were and you are not as bad as you think you are,” he said. “I hope I walk an even line throughout this year knowing the realities of our team.”

The one thing to keep in mind for a young team that gets down on the road: The scoring gap can stay distant simply because the talent isn’t there to overcome big deficits, especially in hostile environments.

Please clarify something for me. What draft picks do the Sixers have in 2014 and are they conditional or protected? I hear and read inconsistent info on this. Thank you.

The Sixers have their own first-round pick in 2014 assuming they are in the lottery. They do owe Miami a pick for Arnett Moultrie, but this year and next it is lottery protected. Then they have New Orleans' pick so long as that pick is not 1-5.

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