Dei-Mails: Wiggins, Iverson, Noel and Hinkie

Dei-Mails: Wiggins, Iverson, Noel and Hinkie

September 6, 2013, 2:30 pm
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Andrew Wiggins chose Kansas after also considering North Carolina, Florida State and Kentucky. (USA Today Images)

Sixers training camp is fast approaching. They will hold their annual media day on Sept. 27 and have six days to prepare before traveling to Europe for two preseason games.  

In the meantime, I thought I would answer some e-mail and Twitter questions people have recently sent about the Sixers and the organization as a whole.

Q - Do you think the Sixers should tank for the sensational Canadian product Andrew Wiggins, who many believe is the next best thing in the NBA since LeBron James? I think they should definitely go for it. They should start Nerlens Noel as soon as he's healthy so he can gain a little experience and realize how much he needs to pack on. Start all the rookies and make Kwame Brown your starting center and you're set for a losing season and they’ll be in place to grab the sensational Canadian product.

– Robert B.

A Andrew Wiggins this week was selected a preseason All-American. The 6-foot-8 KU freshman will be on every Sixers fan’s radar between now and the draft lottery next spring when ping pong balls hopefully bounce the team’s way. As a high school senior, he averaged 24 points and 11 rebounds. It will be interesting to see his impact at the collegiate level.

The Sixers are very young and inexperienced in terms of the players Sam Hinkie has assembled since taking over as the team president and GM. Spencer Hawes, Jason Richardson, Thaddeus Young and Kwame Brown are the leftover veterans. I consider Evan Turner and Lavoy Allen still young players.
The Sixers' roster is built to develop and add to in the next two years. Brett Brown hopes to have his team play hard and disciplined, but there is not enough talent to win enough games this season to stay out of the lottery.

As far as Nerlens Noel, I hope he plays some portion of the season for experience, but the organization will definitely err on the side of caution; his future is too valuable not to.

Q - I am a longtime Sixer fan. I am a great grandmother and have enjoyed and admired Allen Iverson over the years. I read that he may be retiring.  Is there any way he could retire as a 76er? I sure hope so. He played his heart out for Philadelphia.

- A faithful Sixer fan

A – Allen Iverson played 14 NBA seasons; 10 plus with the Sixers. When a player retires from the NBA, he simply files paperwork with the league office. He does not declare what team he is retiring from. At a later date I would not be surprised if the team retires Iverson’s No. 3. Iverson is also eligible for the Hall of Fame in 2015. I do believe when people think Allen Iverson, they think 76ers.

Q - The fact that the new GM comes off as if he is educating the media and public rubs me the wrong way. To me when he is asked a question he acts as if it is beneath him. Then he goes on to explain the obvious. Your team is No. 4 on the list of teams in the city -- you have to talk your team up a little. Accomplish something first before you act like that. I have been a Sixers fan since the Dr. J days but this is the first time I can recall not liking the GM's personality. You have to connect to fans a little, but I guess if we get a top-3 pick plus the New Orleans top-10 pick next year, it won't matter because you will have the players.

– E. Richardson

A Sam Hinkie is definitely smart and hard-working. Personality-wise, he is on the bland side, but this is the first time in his career that he is the front man, and his personality could grow warmer as he gets more comfortable in the public eye.

I agree with you that talking up the product is essential especially when you know it is going to be a struggle. Brett Brown did exactly that the day he was announced as the new head coach. If Brown can stay as honest and forthcoming throughout the season, I think you will stay in tune with the team despite its lack of wins. And yes, two lottery picks in 2014 would certainly ease the pain of rebuilding.

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