Give and Go: MCW's health problems a concern?

Give and Go: MCW's health problems a concern?

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December 17, 2013, 12:00 pm
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Michael Carter-Williams has missed 11 of the Sixers' 26 games in his rookie season. (USA Today Images)

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Running the Give and Go this week are columnist John Gonzalez, producer/reporter Matt Haughton and CSN anchor Amy Fadool.

Is Carter-Williams’ health a cause for concern?

Only slightly. He's shown real promise, and of course you want him to play. But he's 22 and this team isn't winning anything anytime soon. As long as he's healthy enough to play next year and the year after and so on, he can rest and recover for as long as needed this season.

A little bit. It’s not a good sign that Carter-Williams is already dealing with bumps and bruises that have caused him to miss 11 of the Sixers’ 26 games so far this season. Not to mention that he’s playing the league’s deepest and most important position, so there will rarely be a night when he will have an easy task on the court. Still, he’s young and none of MCW’s ailments have been of the long-term variety, so it shouldn’t be an issue moving forward.

Yes and no. I know that answer is the easy way out, but I think it’s true. Yes, it’s a little disconcerting because he’s a rookie and you don’t want to stymie his growth in the league, especially when he’s been getting valuable starting minutes. When he has played, he's been leading the charge for Rookie of the Year. Any injury is going to give pause when it keeps a player out for an extended period of time, but even more so when it’s a rookie starter. However, I don’t think it’s concerning as a long-term injury. MCW's latest setback appears to be a bit of a freak injury/accident, hurting the knee and then getting an infection.