Henry Sims excited for expanded role with Sixers

Henry Sims excited for expanded role with Sixers
February 23, 2014, 1:00 pm
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Henry Sims dressed but didn't play in the Sixers' 124-112 loss to the Mavericks Friday night. (AP)

Time will tell if Henry Sims will be a keeper in the Sixers’ rebuilding process but in five minutes of chatting with him after Sixers practice Saturday, the Georgetown product earned an A+ for his perceptive analysis of how he could earn himself NBA minutes.

Sims wasn't seeing much time on the court this season in Cleveland -- the team he played for prior to being traded to the Sixers on Thursday -- but is well aware of what he can bring to his new team.

“Be active around the rim and defensively is personally what I want to do, that is part of my game already,” Sims said. “I watched the game yesterday and I am excited to be able to help defensively, try to make a mark and help these guys.”

When Brett Brown was told what Sims said, he had a smile grow from ear-to-ear.

“You just want to start crying,” Brown said. “I want to hug him and start crying and have him over for dinner. And yes that is what we need.”

The Sixers allowed the Mavericks to shoot 62.3 percent from the floor Friday night, a season high for any opponent.

Nerlens Noel is a presumed rim protector, but he is still making his way back after knee surgery last February in college. So in the short term, Sims will be given an opportunity.

The Sixers’ last game before the trade deadline was against the Cavs, and Sims had seven points while grabbing eight rebounds.

Little did he know a couple days later, the Wells Fargo Center would be the place he would call home court for the rest of the year.

“It was funny because I was actually chatting back and forth with Spence [Hawes] that night,” Sims said. “And two days later, we are playing for each other’s coaches. I didn’t see it coming.”

Sims didn’t play Friday, but he was in attendance. Despite being 23 years old, Sims’ first impression of the Sixers was their youth.

“This is a young team,” Sims said. “They play hard from what I saw, but we are really young and with young comes learning experiences. That is what this season is for them.”

In Cleveland, Sims averaged just eight minutes. With the Sixers, that number should increase. He’s aware he is part of a team that will struggle to win, but still he could benefit from increased playing time.

“I always want to win,” Sims said.

“That is bigger than showing what you can do. Winning trumps everything, but it is an exciting opportunity to be able to come here and play and contribute and I hope to take advantage of that.”