Holiday: Bynum looks 'like a beast' some days

Holiday: Bynum looks 'like a beast' some days

February 18, 2013, 9:15 pm
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Jrue Holiday spent the weekend in Houston at the All-Star Game answering all sorts of questions for the national media. Certainly they ran the gamut, considering Holiday was a first-time All-Star and finished second in the All-Stars skills competition.

But there was one topic that Holiday addressed over and over again that kind of made it feel like he had never left Philly …

What’s going on with Andrew Bynum?

"I have no clue. I wish I did know,” Holiday said. “You guys don’t know how many questions I got about Andrew at the All-Star Game. It’s the same answer.”

Bynum did not give his weekly Monday update to the press after the evening practice session at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, but is scheduled to discuss his progress following Tuesday’s practice.

Be that as it is, don’t expect Bynum to be on the floor when the Sixers open the second half on Wednesday night in Minnesota. According to a Sixers spokesman, Bynum is still out indefinitely.

“He’s still where he’s been,” coach Doug Collins said.

At Monday’s practice, Bynum participated in shooting drills with the team. He also drove to the basket, pantomimed pick-and-rolls and threw down a few dunks. However, Bynum did not scrimmage nor has he participated in any contact drills in practice.

Just like he has been for the fans this season, Bynum’s presence is as much as a tease for his Sixers teammates. If you think the fans want to see Bynum play, just imagine what guys like Holiday think.

“You see him practice some days, other days he’s taking it a little slower and then other days he’s looking like a beast,” Holiday said. “I don’t know.”

A beast?

“He just looks like a train coming at you,” Holiday said. “It’s pretty scary.”

Nevertheless, after practice Collins tempered his enthusiasm about Bynum and his workout on Monday. After all, the Sixers have played 51 games without the big man and have 31 to go this season with 19 of them to be played on the road.

If Bynum is going to be a beast, let’s see it.

“I think the question is when he’s going to get out there,” Collins said. “He hasn’t done anything with contact.”

So again we sit and wait. Perhaps there will be more clarity with Bynum’s update on Tuesday. Then again, Holiday is just rooting for Bynum to get back out there in good health.

“I want him to be healthy. I think every year I’ve heard something about him being hurt,” Holiday said. “Obviously with the trainers we have, I got hurt this year and came back healthy so I just want him to be healthy whether it’s this year or if he stays here, next year. Just as a basketball player I want him to be healthy out there.”

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