Holiday shines on and off court in first All-Star Game

Holiday shines on and off court in first All-Star Game

February 18, 2013, 12:15 am
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All-Star Debuts -- Notable Sixers

Jrue Holiday, 2013: 15 minutes, 6 points

Andre Iguodala, 2011: 14 minutes, 12 points

Allen Iverson, 1999: 28 minutes, 26 points

Charles Barkley, 1986: 16 minutes, 7 points

Julius Erving, 1976: 30 minutes, 30 points (All-Star Game MVP)


HOUSTON -- First-time all-star Jrue Holiday took the court at the Toyota Center to start the second quarter.

The mild-mannered, fourth-year player didn’t force anything, but he made his presence felt when he threw down a left-handed slam in traffic.

It was just one of the many high-flying moments in Houston on Sunday night, as Holiday's East all-stars lost to the West, 143-138.

Holiday himself finished with six points, two rebounds, two steals and one assist in 15 minutes with the second unit.

After sitting out the entire first quarter, having to wait was a strange experience for a guy who is always on the floor for the opening tip and who rarely finds himself sitting down.

“It was weird, because I haven’t come off the bench in a while,” Holiday said. “Usually they count on me at the start of the game to get other going, so it was different. And that dunk made me the most nervous because I didn’t want to embarrass myself that was the biggest thing. I wanted to make something happen, or make someone stand-out.”

Holiday certainly stood out. In fact, as impressive as his dunk was, it wasn't his first highlight of the night. That actually came before he even touched the floor.

With 5:34 to play in the first quarter, and with Holiday still wearing his warmups and sitting on the bench, the NBA aired a spoof commercial on the big screen. It was an ad for a Valentine’s Day CD called “Love is Big,” featuring love songs performed by the all-stars. Dwayne Wade and Blake Griffin sang "Call Me Maybe," Carmelo Anthony took a stab at "Someone Like You," and Holiday sang Rihanna's "You Da One."

But Holiday did more then just sing. His eyes were wide. His body moved to the beat. And his smile sold it.

He must have been a willing crooner for the NBA production team, because in the second quarter, he was once again singing, this time to One Direction's "That’s What Makes You Beautiful." Holiday heard the crowd cheer on both occasions.

Holiday says he likes to sing when he is by himself, but since they asked him to carry a tune, he gladly obliged.

“I guess my voice sounded good,” he said with a smile. “I am tone deaf so I couldn’t hear if I was good or not, but apparently I might have been good.”

But will he be good enough on the floor to make another All-Star Game? Holiday certainly hopes so.

Of course, he could probably use a little rest before returns to his normal job -- carrying the Sixers.

“It was crazy, fast, no sleep, and entertaining,” he said, closing out his busy weekend.

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