Iverson's Sixers career in 25 YouTube clips

Iverson's Sixers career in 25 YouTube clips
August 22, 2013, 2:30 pm
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You’ll probably be reading a lot of glowing (and maybe a couple not-so-glowing) remembrances of the Allen Iverson era in the days to come, all by writers more qualified to write on the subject from a historical perspective than I. Instead, I wanted to compile a set of YouTube clips which, when watched in order, basically tell the story of AI’s time in Philadelphia–the on-court highlights, the emotional low points, the WTF? moments, and so on. Hopefully browsing through all 25 will be a better testament to The Answer’s impact than any essay I could write. With Allen Iverson, you always sort of just had to watch, anyway.

For all 25 clips, visit The700Level.com.

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