MCW practices, status for Friday uncertain

MCW practices, status for Friday uncertain

Michael Carter-Williams rejoins Sixers at practice

December 18, 2013, 3:15 pm
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After missing seven games with a sore knee, Michael Carter-Williams' return to practice Wednesday was a breath of fresh air for the sliding Sixers. (USA Today Images)

Michael Carter-Williams was on the court Wednesday playing his starting point guard position at the Sixers practice.

He was a sight for sore eyes.

Carter-Williams last participated in on court activities Tuesday Dec. 3 when the Sixers beat the Magic in double overtime and Carter-Williams recorded his first career triple double.

“His wind is definitely a worry, as it should be, “ Brown said after watching Carter-Williams go through a full practice running with the starters. “But just to have him with the group running around and playing basketball again is fantastic.”

Brown said Carter-Williams' status for Friday, when the Sixers have a rematch with Brooklyn, hasn't been determined. If the knee responds well Thursday and Friday morning, Brown will not hesitate to insert MCW back to his rightful starting point guard spot.

“I hope so,” Carter-Williams said when asked if he expects to play Friday. “I hope I get to go ahead and play, but I am not 100 percent sure yet.”

Carter-Williams said the swelling in the right knee is gone, but he does still get treatment on it for precautionary reasons. He also said participating in practice was as good as he has felt in a long time.

It certainly feels like a long time has passed since the Sixers last experienced that winning feeling. In fact, it was 15 days ago -- when MCW was a part of that win over the Magic. Seven losses have followed, and it just so happens Carter-Williams was limited to being a spectator for those seven games.

“We had to adjust a little bit and we struggled a little bit,” Carter-Williams said. “I don’t know if I was playing [if] I would have been the huge difference, and we would have started winning all these games. I just want to come back and contribute to the team and get us going on the right track. We have hit a bump in the road, and we have to figure it out as a team.”

The impact of Carter-Williams' absence is hard to quantify, but Brett Brown knows Carter-Williams’ return gives a boost on a number of levels.

“We lost all the games he sat and you are correct, he is not a savior,” Brown said of the Sixers 0-7 record with MCW’s most recent sidelining. “We all have said winning is going to be a byproduct of trying to get through this development phase of the program.

“To bring him back in from a confidence standpoint with his teammates, from a talent perspective that he definitely brings to the table. We have seen skill wise what he can do.

"But none of us can forget we have to keep moving forward. That was the disappointing thing the last two games defensively and some other spots we were nowhere close to building anything.

“I think he is going to add on both sides of the ball to continue to add to that building block process."