With MCW still out, Wroten starts again

With MCW still out, Wroten starts again
November 15, 2013, 4:15 pm
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Tony Wroten recorded his first NBA triple-double with 18 points, 11 assists and 10 points vs. the Rockets Wednesday night. (USA Today Images)

When the Sixers take on the Hawks tonight at Phillips Arena, Michael Carter-Williams will be a spectator. He will sit for a second straight game with a bruised arch on his left foot.

MCW had a walking boot on at the morning shootaround.

“For right now I am just going day to day. I am meeting with the trainers and seeing what they think and seeing how it feels,” Carter-Williams said. “It doesn’t bother me with the boot on.”

“We are doing all the precautionary and hopefully smart ways to treat him at this stage and pay attention,” Brett Brown added.

With Carter-Williams sidelined, Tony Wroten will make his second consecutive NBA start. Wroten made history on Wednesday when he recorded a triple-double in his first NBA start, making him the first to do so since the NBA started keeping track of starts in 1970 (see story).

“My phone hasn’t stopped ringing,” Wroten said. “I didn’t even know the accomplishment I made, but my family and friends told me, and it is just a blessing and a dream come true and I thank my teammates.”

Wroten was the fifth player this season to record a triple double with his 18 points, 11 assists and 10 rebounds. Not everyone has it in them to accomplish such a feat.

“Obviously, it is not all about points,” Wroten said. “It is also about rebounding and getting assists. Sometimes assists you can’t control, because your teammates have to make shots. I am fortunate to have great teammates and great shooters and Thad (Young) and Spencer (Hawes), who are good in the post, so they all helped me get that triple-double.”

Wroten -- whether coming off the bench or in that starting role like on Wednesday -- always brings energy to the floor. He plays with reckless abandon which, at times, can be nerve-wracking for a coach.

“There is a tenacity and a toughness and a cockiness that brings that swagger and he’s got that,” Brown said. “He has a confidence that enables somebody to get that many rebounds and get to the rim and take a hit and hit somebody in the shoe -- all those things.”

“He is just wired like that. There is some junkyard dog in him that you can’t teach. People either have it or they don’t, and he has that. There is a real tenacity that you can’t help but like. My mission for him is to just polish it up, because he is wild at times, but you would far prefer that.”

The Hawks are 4-4 on the season, losing at home Wednesday to the Knicks.