With MCW's success, Wroten finds new role

With MCW's success, Wroten finds new role
December 22, 2013, 11:00 am
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While Michael Carter-Williams was sidelined with injuries, Tony Wroten averaged 33.5 minutes per game. (AP)

MILWAUKEE -- Friday night, Michael Carter-Williams returned to the Sixers' starting lineup and, in turn, Tony Wroten returned to the bench.

Wroten had filled in as the starting point guard with Carter-Williams sidelined and performed well, averaging 18 points, 5.3 assists and 4.8 rebounds while playing 33.5 minutes in the 11 games during Carter-Williams' absence.

But Carter-Williams, when healthy, plays an average of 36.6 minutes per game. For Wroten to receive more than the minutes he would backing up MCW, he has to learn to play the shooting guard position.

Brett Brown has had that conversation not just with Wroten but MCW as well, because both of them will have to learn to play shooting guard over time.

“We have been working on it,” Carter-Williams said. “We played very well together. It is going to take a little time. We are both willing, and we both want to be out there together and feed off each other. I think we can be a good combination.”

Carter-Williams finished with 15 points, 10 assists and three steals on Friday. Wroten made 8 of 17 shot attempts in 23 minutes scoring 19 points, playing some of those minutes at shooting guard.

“There is a little bit of pain where Tony doesn’t know the two spot,” Brown explained. “Because we are pretty open with regard to how we play, and we are running a lot, it is not as obvious as it is when you have to run an underneath out of bounds play with late clock and Tony, at 20 years old, has to remember the whole package as a point guard, and now he is playing the two. I think that is a challenge for him, but those two can co-exist.”

Both guards are 6-foot-6, so at the defensive end, they learn to disrupt some opponents, but given the Sixers' woes defensively of late, Brown has strict instructions for the young duo when on the court together.

“As a group, we have to get back and keep the game in front of us,” Brown suggested. “Once we have that security, you can start coming up and doing the things you suggest; we have two 6-foot-6 guards that potentially can disrupt things. We have been so suspect lately that we need to address it.”