New Sixer Davies brings high IQ, passing skills

New Sixer Davies brings high IQ, passing skills

The Sixers talk about the changes to the team this season

October 28, 2013, 3:30 pm
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In 56 preseason minutes with the Clippers, Brandon Davies totaled 17 points and 14 rebounds. (AP)

Over the weekend, the Sixers had trimmed their roster to 14, one below the maximum allowed. Monday morning, they added rookie free agent Brandon Davies, a 6-foot-10 power forward who was recently waived by the Los Angeles Clippers (see story).

“He is a high-IQ type of player and an excellent passer,” said Brett Brown, who recognized the benefits Davies had after spending training camp with the Clippers.

“He had to guard Blake Griffin all the time, and Antawn Jamison. And he had the opportunity to be coached by one of the top few coaches in the NBA (Doc Rivers)."

Davies went undrafted last spring despite averaging 17.8 points and 8.0 rebounds as a senior at BYU.

Davies wasted no time getting his name out there. He showcased his skills participating in the Portsmouth Invitational, where he was named the MVP.

And in July, he went to the Las Vegas Summer League with the Clippers, who then took Davies to training camp.

“That totally changed my game, it took it to a whole different level,” Davies said. “Just to be around those caliber of players, I mean I was competing with the best. I definitely look at the experience positively. I took a lot from it.”

Unfortunately for Davies, he got caught in a numbers game -- he was the last guy cut from L.A.’s roster. But when that door closed, the Sixers made sure another opened.

“I am extremely excited and just thankful for the opportunity,” Davies said, “Especially a couple days after being waived and not knowing what was going to happen. A couple days later I had a great deal, so I was excited just to get started.”

Davies knows there is playing time to be had with the Sixers. That was not going to happen for him with the Clippers. Now, he's taking a crash course with his new team as the season starts Wednesday.

“This a totally different style of play than what I was doing with the Clippers,” Davies said. “I am trying to throw that out and learn something new. Coaches have been working with me individually as well as me working with the group. I am just taking it day by day and learning as much as I can.”

One thing that will help Davies in the early going is his willingness to jump in feet first. The X’s and O’s will come, but one’s head and heart can make up for being a little behind.

“Coach is looking for guys who are going to come every day and work hard,” Davies said. “He wants you to bring a good attitude that will drive others to get better. I think Coach sees that in me and I have an opportunity to help guys around me get better as well.”

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