Should Sixers go back to square one?

Should Sixers go back to square one?

March 4, 2013, 9:00 pm
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Twenty-four games left for the Sixers until a major overhaul needs to occur. If you were the Sixers' general manager, what would you do?

There are no easy answers and there are absolutely no easy solutions to getting this team to the top of the Eastern Conference. Based on polls that we have conducted, it is very clear that an overwhelming number of Sixers fans want no part of Andrew Bynum.

Over the past few days, the Sixers' front office has been accessible to discuss the Bynum situation and, CEO Adam Aron in particular, sounded apologetic in his interview with our John Gonzalez (see story). The Sixers gambled on the chance that Bynum’s health would be comparable to last season when he put up the best numbers of his career. However, the gamble didn’t pay off and now there are some in the Sixers' organization that want to double down. Are the Sixers in such bad shape that doubling down is worth the risk or should they rebuild the team from scratch with the exception of Jrue Holiday?

It is painful to see the Sixers in such dire straits after the encouraging progress they made in last year's playoffs, but that’s professional sports. I was a big fan of the Bynum deal when the Sixers announced it in August. I wasn’t overly concerned about losing Andre Iguodala, Nik Vucevic and Moe Harkless. I know some fans are second-guessing the loss of the two young players (Vucevic and Harkless), but it was worth the risk.

So, it backfired and the Sixers are now back at step one. This franchise just can’t seem to get a break.

I’ve been covering the Sixers for 25 years, and with the exception of five or six years during that period, there have been a lot of lean years. I was at the Sixers-Warriors game on Saturday with a group of friends and I like the way Golden State has rebuilt its team. Houston is rebuilding the same way. That would be my preferred way of rebooting the Sixers' franchise: Go young, add an emerging free agent that has big upside and keep adding pieces, year to year, which will hopefully translate into more wins.

I know Sixers fans have been enormously patient over the years, but I hate tell you -- remain patient, because we all saw how the quick fix didn't work this season.

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