Sixers coaching candidate: Michael Curry

Sixers coaching candidate: Michael Curry

May 9, 2013, 11:45 am
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Coaching Candidates

Note: Over the next couple of weeks we will break down the pool of candidates to become the Sixers' new head coach.

Michael Curry

College: Georgia Southern

Playing career: Philadelphia, Washington, Detroit, Milwaukee, Toronto, Indiana (1993-2005).

Coaching career: Head coach for Detroit in 2008-09. Assistant coach in Detroit and Philadelphia. NBA vice president of player development.

Résumé: Michael Curry was Doug Collins’ top assistant the past three seasons and might have the best grasp on the personnel than any other coaching candidate. Curry designed the Sixers’ defense in 2011-12 when they allowed just 89.4 points per game and held the opposition to 42.7 percent shooting. In 2008-09, Curry coached the Pistons to the No. 8 seed in the East. Interestingly, Curry and Hornacek were teammates with the Sixers during the 1993-94 season.

On Wednesday, Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner both told the Philadelphia Inquirer that they support Curry's promotion to head coach.

Potential fit with Sixers

John Finger: Here’s how it plays out: The Sixers interview a bunch of candidates and offer the job to a few of them. But when they all turn it down, the Sixers double-back and hire Curry. And is that so wrong? Say what you want about familiarity, but it definitely helps when a team can hit the ground running. With Curry the Sixers won’t need to change the playbook. Changing the players on the other hand ...

John Gonzalez: Curry is a nice enough guy, and he’s defensive minded. Those are pluses. But he’s also one of Doug Collins’ lieutenants. Collins decided to move on. It’s probably best if the Sixers move on from him and his closest advisors and start fresh.

Dei Lynam: Michael Curry may get an interview, but he will likely not be the next coach of the Sixers. Curry’s strength is defense, and the Sixers were 10th in opponents’ field goal percentage and ninth in points allowed. A year ago, the Sixers ranked third in both categories so there was a drop off - but the change in personnel certainly played a factor. Looking from afar, if Curry was the man the Sixers wanted, the organization would do what the Cleveland Cavaliers did: They wanted Mike Brown, they hired Mike Brown.