Sixers headed to Chicago for predraft camp

Sixers headed to Chicago for predraft camp
May 12, 2014, 3:30 pm
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Sixers coach Brett Brown is in favor of the team taking the best available player in the June draft. (USA Today Images)

The NBA draft lottery is a week from Tuesday. This week in Chicago, 60 draft prospects will be on display, and the NBA fraternity of coaches and front office executives will gather to evaluate and interview the players.

Noticeably missing from the list are Andrew Wiggins, Joel Embiid and Jabari Parker — three players who will certainly be selected in the top five and possibly by the Sixers.

The Sixers will have one of the top five picks in the draft as well as the No. 10 pick, acquired from New Orleans in the Jrue Holiday trade.

Keep in mind how much maneuvering general manager Sam Hinkie did last June during the draft. Expect an equally busy night this coming June 26. The Sixers will begin the night with seven picks, two in the first round and five in the second round.

They did trade their own second-round pick, but it is protected, and given that they will pick at No. 32, they will get to keep it.

So what will the Sixers be looking for?

If it were up to coach Brett Brown, the Sixers' first-round pick will be the best player available, even if that player plays a position currently filled on the roster.

“I am sticking with best player,” Brown said last week when asked the question of how he would choose a draft pick. “That is Brett Brown’s opinion. It is a ready, aim, fire thing. We will go with Sam’s direction and ultimately we will be led in certain ways to accrue information. I will follow Sam’s better judgment on all of this but usually the best formula is take the best player and figure it out.”

And since Brown is the one who must “figure it out” in terms of system and playing time, his acceptance of that responsibility bodes well.

Brown would not say whom he likes in the upcoming draft, understandably, but he did share what he likes about the 2014 draft class.

“You feel like it is deep enough to get excited,” Brown said. “I think it is. And when you look at the mysteries with people declaring for the draft, there was always uncertainties. But it seems those uncertainties have put their hand up to put themselves in it which makes it even deeper.”

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