Sixers hope to learn from early mistakes vs. Spurs

Sixers hope to learn from early mistakes vs. Spurs
November 12, 2013, 4:30 pm
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The Sixers fell behind 31-13 to the Spurs after just one quarter on Monday night. (AP)

A day later, not much had changed.
When the Sixers went back over Monday night’s loss to the San Antonio Spurs before Tuesday’s workout at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, there were no deleted scenes in the game film where the outcome changed.
It was just as raw as ever.
“It was pretty much the same as I remember it, maybe even a little bit worse,” Spencer Hawes said about the 109-85 drubbing.
Fortunately, the Sixers only watched the first quarter of the loss, since to watch more than that would have been classified as torture according to the Geneva Convention. Then again, the first quarter of film was all coach Brett Brown needed to show the Sixers. Everything the team needed to see was neatly compressed into those 12 minutes.
“There is nothing like real-time video. It doesn’t lie,” Brown said. “We watched the first period, which really set the stage for the whole game. You can get deflated when you play a good team like San Antonio because they move the ball, they make you chase them and they are an example of what I’m hoping to teach and bring into our program.
“So the first period was revealing, the guys were great and we get it. We’re disappointed in how we played and how we competed [because] we’re better than that. But we have character people who want to fix it. It’s almost that simple.”
Rookie Michael Carter-Williams was still licking his wounds after shooting 2 for 11 while his counterpart, Tony Parker, marked up the stat sheet. Giving him more time to stew was a slight foot injury, which kept Carter-Williams out of Tuesday’s practice session.
It didn’t excuse him from reliving the game during the film session. In that regard, Brown said Carter-Williams was quite curious about how Parker ran the Spurs as opposed to the stat line.
In that sense, Monday night’s beating and the next-day deconstruction could be very valuable. It’s one thing to win a game where the flaws are masked in the victory. But against the Spurs, everything was right there in the open. The Sixers were exposed on Monday night and though they aren’t considered a playoff contender, the rebuilding process thrives on hard lessons.
And since the Spurs are the team the Sixers aim to emulate, the way one team executed compared to the other hit home a little harder.
“It was an eye-opener for them,” Brown said. “They came back today and they get it and they were for real in trying to get better and to move ahead. That’s the real secret of playing in an 82-game NBA season.”
There’s very little time for the Sixers to lick their wounds. The Houston Rockets hit town on Wednesday night followed by a road trip where the Sixers play three games in four days in Atlanta, New Orleans and Dallas.
It’s easy to forget a bad one when more trouble could be looming ahead.
“We have three more games in four nights and it’s always like that in the beginning of the season. They come on you quickly,” Hawes said. “We’re already game planning for tomorrow.”

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