Sixers Notes: No 'leeway' to overlook the Nets

Sixers Notes: No 'leeway' to overlook the Nets
December 16, 2013, 9:30 am
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The 8-15 Brooklyn Nets had been expected by some experts to run away with the Atlantic Division (USA Today Images)

The Sixers’ schedule thins out a bit as December eases into its second half. On Monday, the team travels to Brooklyn for its first meeting with the underachieving Nets. After that, the Sixers are off until Friday when the Nets come to Philly.

Following a back-to-back on Saturday with a game in Milwaukee, the Sixers are off until the following Saturday when they kick off a five-game Western Conference trip in Phoenix.

Six of the Sixers’ next seven games are on the road. But don’t expect the Sixers to be looking past the next week and forward to the quiet Christmas week and games in Phoenix and Los Angeles.

Instead, the Sixers are looking at a chance to knock off 8-15 Brooklyn, a team thought by many experts to run away with the Atlantic Division.

“We don’t have any leeway to look past anybody,” Thad Young said. “I would say the same thing about Brooklyn. It will be one of those games where we come in and see who’s the best. I don’t think they have played their best basketball and I don’t think we’ve played our best basketball.”

Fun with numbers
One aspect of an NBA season where the Sixers’ youth should be an asset is in negotiating the 82-game schedule. That’s especially the case with back-to-backs, where the Sixers’ style and youth should leave older teams stuck in the mud.

However, the Sixers are 1-5 and giving up an average of 119 points in the second game of back-to-backs this season. They've averaged 104.2 points themselves.

The Sixers are 3-3 in the first game of back-to-backs, averaging 101.5 per game and 102.3 points against.

With 57 games remaining in the season, the Sixers have 12 more back-to-backs.