Sixers player evaluation: Arnett Moultrie

Sixers player evaluation: Arnett Moultrie
April 28, 2013, 10:00 am
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Arnett Moultrie

Position: Power forward

Status: First-round pick signed through 2015-16

Signature game of 2012-13
Moultrie’s best statistical game of the season came in the finale in Indiana, when he posted a career-high 14 points, 12 rebounds in 29 minutes on 7-for-11 shooting. Moultrie also contributed eight points and eight rebounds in a tough loss to Denver on March 21 and went 5-for-5 against the Celtics on March 5.

Moultrie in 2012-13
It took a while for Moultrie to find his way with the Sixers during his rookie season. An ankle injury during a pre-draft workout for Sacramento kept Moultrie out of the Orlando summer league. He was still fighting the injury when training camp rolled around and wasn’t in the best shape when the season began in October.

By December, coach Doug Collins and the Sixers’ front office sent Moultrie to the D-League affiliate in Sioux Falls, S.D. to get some playing time and some fitness, too.

Still, Collins struggled to find minutes for Moultrie during the second half of the season. The rookie appeared in just 47 games and sometimes seemed confused about his role.

“The unfortunate thing is a lot of times with young guys is that they equate playing time with scoring and everyone can’t score,” Collins said when Moultrie returned from the D-League in early January. “Who is going to do the little things like set the hard screens, rebound the ball, get you multiple possessions? I think Arnett, when he embraces that, will be that type of player.”

Eventually, Collins found some playing time for Moultrie and the rookie went on to average 9.6 rebounds per 36 minutes after the All-Star break.

Moultrie said he learned that being in shape and being in basketball shape are two different things. As a result, an injury-free and focused summer might just be what Moultrie needs to propel him into the Sixers’ rotation for next season.

Additionally, Moultrie has the great fortune of residing in the same hometown as forward Thad Young, who is known for his brutal workout schedule. If Moultrie is wise enough to become Young’s shadow, his game could take off.

On Arnett Moultrie
“He had some good moments and he had some ones where he struggled. I think the thing with him is continued conditioning and energy and tenacity. He’s playing a blue-collar position and it isn’t always pretty. You have to throw yourself around and rebound the ball. He should run the floor — hunger — he should be hungry.”

--Doug Collins, Jan. 7, 2013

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