Stephen Curry presents new challenge for MCW

Stephen Curry presents new challenge for MCW

Michael Carter-Williams is named player of the week

November 4, 2013, 3:15 pm
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Through three games, Stephen Curry (right) has made 16 of 27 three-pointers. (USA Today Images)

Michael Carter-Williams is enjoying the opening to his rookie season. His team is off to an unlikely 3-0 start, and he is averaging 20.7 points, 9.0 assists and 4.7 rebounds.

“I am just trying to play my part on the team,” Carter-Williams said. “If we are playing good we all look good out here, and with me being a rookie, if I look good people are going to recognize that, but the team is playing great. This year is a learning experience. I am just trying to learn each and every day.”

Clearly, Carter-Williams is a quick learner. He is 22nd in the league in scoring and his teammate Evan Turner is 14th. Tonight, they entertain a duo in Klay Thompson and Steph Curry that together average 48 points per game.

“Steph is an awesome player and a great shooter,” Carter-Williams said. “He can create his own shot very easily. I think my pick-up points are going to have to be a little higher tonight. I was able to back up a little bit with John Wall and Derrick Rose but I can’t do that with Curry. I have to trust my help behind me.”

Curry is in his fifth season as an NBA starting point guard but right now the Sixers’ rookie has the edge in terms of being poised -- Curry is averaging a league high 6.3 turnovers to MCW’s 2.3. Carter-Williams credits those around him for making his transition to the pros look so easy.

“I have great support from my teammates and coaches,” MCW said. “They support me through my mistakes, they correct me with anything I do so hopefully down the line I will be a pretty good player.”

Carter-Williams did not look in the preseason as he has looked when the games started to count. Yes, there are still 79 contests to be played but he chalks up his strong regular-season performances to living and learning on the job.

“I think I was just learning,” Carter-Williams described. “I was getting a feel of the game; the speed of the game. I had some OK moments and some not so good moments. I definitely tried to learn from them, and throughout the preseason my teammates were definitely saying when you get here try to do this, try to pass a little earlier, this and that. I took all that in and it really helped me and it has been a success for all of us.”

The Sixers are one of four undefeated teams in the NBA. Golden State comes to town with a 2-1 record.