Unlike past, Brown lacks shooters with Sixers

Unlike past, Brown lacks shooters with Sixers

Sixers begin first training camp under Brett Brown

September 29, 2013, 3:15 pm
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When you look at the Sixers’ roster, you think: Where oh where are the outside shooters?

They just aren’t there.

Brett Brown acknowledges that his young team’s shooting needs work.

“The three line is going to be big for us,” Brown said after the Sixers’ Sunday morning practice on the campus of Saint Joseph’s University. “We have a bunch of people that are going to have to be encouraged and groomed to confidently be able to shoot that.”

Brown comes from an organization in the San Antonio Spurs which always seemed to land that outside shooter, from Michael Finley to Bruce Bowen to Steve Kerr to Charlie Ward to Steve Smith to Hedo Turkoglu.

Brown insists there was a routine to those shooters’ hands and feet as well as the team having excellent spacing.

“To me it always gets down to an awareness of where they need to be on the floor,” Brown said. “If the ball is driven, where do I need to go? If the ball is kicked ahead up the sideline, how am I going to get shots within the structure the coach has put me in.

“Percentages can go up if you keep hammering those things in.”

So much talk on Sunday about his team getting shots from behind the arc forced the Sixers’ head coach to share a clear distinction about him and his coaching philosophy.

“I am not three-happy,” Brown said. “We need to get to the rim. We need to get to the paint. I understand the benefit of the three line, but we are going to be smart with where we get threes and how we encourage threes.

“How deflating is it to a team that just busted their tail playing defense and someone just jacks up a quick three that’s really not their shot? I don’t care what analytics has to say about that. I get it as a head coach -- that is not going to be a good shot from time to time.”

James Anderson is currently playing on the perimeter with Evan Turner and Michael Carter-Williams. Brown is familiar with Anderson, having coached him for two-plus seasons in San Antonio.

Anderson was a known scorer in college when he played for Oklahoma State. He is now trying to find his niche at the pro level as a catch-and-shoot player.

“Both Michael and Evan can make plays which is good for me being a spot-up shooter,” Anderson said. “I can see open shots coming my way.”

Anderson says his goal is to stay with the starting unit.

“I see it as a tremendous opportunity,” Anderson said, “and I just want to take advantage of it.”

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