2000 Light Years From Home: Sixers Pay Late Visit to Lob City

2000 Light Years From Home: Sixers Pay Late Visit to Lob City
March 20, 2013, 1:10 pm
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That was a fun four games at the Wells Fargo Center. Surprisingly, I'm
not even being all that sarcastic when I say that—that was actually four
well-played games of basketball, albeit ones that arguably place us
further away from our primary goal for the rest of the season (tanking
for Victor Oladipo or Alex Len or whoever) than when we started. Still
plenty of time to lose basketball games left, however, as the Sixers are
fairly likely to demonstrate to us tonight as they face the Clippers in
a late start in Los Angeles.

The Clippers are a good basketball
team. They showed us that the last time we played them, when they
immolated the Ballers 107-90—not nearly as that close as that final
would indicate—including a disturbingly predictable assassination of
Spencer Hawes courtesy of Blake Griffin. If the Sixers' improvement is
indeed for real—not just a Wells Fargo mirage—and at all meaningful or
consequential, the boys could prove that tonight by actually putting up a
fight in this one. Or if not, and they just wanna tank away the rest of
the season, I guess that's cool too. This f---ing season.

10:30 tip from Staples. Watch Willie Green get the start and drop 35 on us for no reason.

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