A Unique Philly Twist On Popular TV Gameshow 'Cash Cab'

A Unique Philly Twist On Popular TV Gameshow 'Cash Cab'
April 27, 2012, 10:24 am
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Here's a solid bit of viral marketing from Chickie's and Pete's in a knock off of the popular Discovery Channel television show "Cash Cab." This one is dubbed "Cash Crab" in reference to the Crab Mobile that shuttles fans to and from the sports complex to the South Philly wing and cheese frie haven. Renowned Philly comedian Joe Conklin plays the role of Ben Bailey as he asks a couple of nitwits ridiculously easy question about Philly sports.

Perhaps the best twist on the game show involves a unique lifeline. Instead of phoning a friend, you can nudge the passed out bum next to you to solicit advice. Sadly, in the two videos we watched, the bum was not awoken from his slumber.

If for nothing else, the bottom video features a Rocky Balboa look alike who has clearly drank one too many raw eggs in his day.

And the crazy Rocky guy:

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