Adam Aron Throws Billboard Company Under Bus

Adam Aron Throws Billboard Company Under Bus
March 5, 2013, 6:39 am
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Adam Aron recently sat down with CSN's John Gonzalez in an attempt to set the record straight. You can watch a solid ten minutes of their conversation above. Gonzo does a nice job of asking the questions many fans have been wondering for months. But the Philadelphia 76ers owner doesn't give any eye-opening answers. The Sixers fully expected Bynum to play. They were seemingly led along and just as disappointed as you about all that has transpired.

Perhaps the most telling bit is when Aron won't commit to Bynum being their "Plan A" much like Tony DiLeo has in the past. Things appear to be changing.

So after watching the video, and discussing with AU, I determined the best part was when Aron finally laid some blame somewhere. Gonzo asked him about a billboard that was up recently outside of the Wells Fargo Center advertising Sixers single tickets still being available and there's a big photo of Andrew Bynum on it. Aron says this was the billboard company's fault for using the wrong photo.

"We'd have to be really stupid to intentionally put up a billboard right now that says single game tickets on sale with Andrew Bynum's face on that billboard," Aron rightly said.

It's nice to see someone deserves some blame around here.

And today Gonzo actually confirmed it! Crack reporting.

Billboard company confirmed Adam Aron comment. It made mistake by putting Bynum image up w ticket sale ad. Said "We screwed up" #Sixerstalk

— John Gonzalez (@gonzoCSN) March 5, 2013

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