Andre Iguodala Celebrates 28th Birthday with Crazy Self-Alley Oop, Triple Double, and Cake

Andre Iguodala Celebrates 28th Birthday with Crazy Self-Alley Oop, Triple Double, and Cake
January 30, 2012, 6:33 am
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Saturday was Sixers' oft-maligned star Andre Iguodala's 28th birthday. He celebrated by putting on a demonstration in the art of the triple double in the team's big win over the Detroit Pistons. Aside from putting up the eighth triple double of his career, Dre pulled off one of the highlights of the weekend when he found himself in no man's land while driving the lane, in mid-air and nobody to dish the rock to. Dre used his basketball IQ and opted to toss the ball off the backboard and follow it up with an easy slam. Marc Zumoff and Malik Rose were giddy. [videos below]

CSN's John Finger, a true afficianado of the triple double, asked Dre about the self-alley-oop following the game.

“That play should happen more, actually,” Iguodala said. “When you’re
coming down on a three-on-two break, the defense is playing the wing –
they’re playing the pass. It’s an easy play to make, but tonight it’s a
hard play because if you mess up it looks like you’re lollygagging
around. So tonight it was the first time I did it where it wasn’t
planned. I just got stuck and had nowhere to go so once I saw I had the
opportunity, I shot it extra hard. I put it up on the top of the
backboard and said, ‘Go get it.’

“Most guys, when they get
stuck, they shoot it and go after the rebound, but it’s hard to get the
rebound. I figured just shoot it off the backboard.”

After talking with the media following the nice win on Saturday, Iguodala went to really celebrate his birthday with his family and friends.

He later posted a photo of the cake they surprised him with to his MindofAI9 Tumblr page. I'd say the geek chic glasses on the cake and bow tie got the real AI9 pretty on point. See the photo below for comparison.

So happy birthday to Dre. He earned that cake.

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