Andre Iguodala's Dragonfly Jones Halloween Costume Was Stupendous

Andre Iguodala's Dragonfly Jones Halloween Costume Was Stupendous
October 31, 2011, 6:49 am
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We've seen some pretty fantastic Halloween costumes floating around the Internet over the past few days -- this headless Tony Romo was a personal favorite -- but the costume put together by Sixers star Andre Iguodala was clearly one of the best.

Perhaps being currently unemployed by the NBA allowed Dre to really put extra time and effort into his outfit. Iguodala dressed up as Dragonfly Jones, a recurring character on Martin Lawrence's hit TV series, "Martin." The description of the character from Wikipedia:

Dragonfly Jones: A martial arts "expert" who is beaten up in nearly every appearance. He always seems to owe money to a real martial artist, who is actually a student of Dragonfly's named Kenji, who would often beat Dragonfly up when he refused to pay him some small sum he was owed. Dragonfly does not appear in the fifth and final season.

The before and after alongside the real "Martin" character:


All of the photos in this post are from Dre's Twitter @mindofAI9 ... worth a follow for any Philly sports fan.


Andre Iguodala
I studied under Bruce Lee... He was on the 2nd floor and I was on the 1st... Hahaha, that will be the only joke told here this evening.
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And the back of Dre's costume:

A refresher on Dragonfly Jones' character:


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