Andrew Bynum Out Three Weeks With Bone Bruise

Andrew Bynum Out Three Weeks With Bone Bruise
October 1, 2012, 9:44 am
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Ordinarily, this would be a red flag kind of deal. But I really do love me some German blood spinning.

Apparently, Andrew Bynum will be held out of practice the next three weeks as a "precaution," following an September knee procedure in Germany. You know, the one Kobe turned him onto where they take your blood and spin it around so that magic comes out of it.

The reason for his rest is actually from a bone bruise unrelated to the operation, and it doesn't seem serious.

Of course, the word "precaution" has kind of negative connotation around these parts. And then there's Bynum's lengthy injury history to consider.

Look, look -- he's going to be fine. Don't panic. Stop panicking. New guy in the corner ... stop puking your guts up! GERMAN BLOOD SPINNING IS EQUIVALENT TO A FINE AMERICAN BRAKE PAD.

Ah, he'll be fine ... Right?


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