Andrew Bynum vs. a Dinosaur Mascot Fanfic

Andrew Bynum vs. a Dinosaur Mascot Fanfic
January 25, 2013, 9:28 am
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Earlier this week, enigmatic and talented Oklahoma Thunder star Russell Westbrook blocked a pair of half-court shot attempts from the Denver Nuggets mascot that could have won the fans in attendance some free cheese. That's not very nice. But also pretty hilarious. The Level's own Andrew Unterberger, writing for The Basketball Jones, used this as a jumping point to see what 10 mascot-player feuds we're likely to see next. Thankfully, Andrew Bynum makes the cut. It involves his hair, bowling, him being aloof, and Evan Turner and Spencer Hawes laughing like hyenas.

AU writes:

2. Andrew Bynum (76ers) vs. Raptor (Raptors)

How It Starts: Bynum grabs onto Raptor’s tail as he
traipses by the Sixers’ bench before the game, causing him to stumble
and fall to the ground. At the other end of the bench, Evan Turner and
Spencer Hawes guffaw like it’s the funniest thing they’ve ever seen,
which it is.

How It Escalates: During a timeout in a later visit
to Toronto, Raptor dons an exaggerated ‘fro wig, while oversized bowling
pins are placed underneath the Sixers’ basket. The mascot grabs a
basketball and rolls it towards the pins, but the motion causes him to
again fall to the ground, where he writhes in pain, clutching his left
knee. During the sequence, cameras capture Bynum on the bench chatting
idly with Damien Wilkins, clearly not paying attention.

Which reminds me of one of the few things I enjoyed about former Sixers mascot Hip-Hop (RIP), the bit where he used himself as a bowling ball with the help of a slingshot.

The other nine are pretty good too. KG vs. any mascot is worth a click.

10 mascot-player feuds that are coming next


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