Better Than Nothing: Sixers Swap Second-Rounder for Grizzlies Guard Sam Young

Better Than Nothing: Sixers Swap Second-Rounder for Grizzlies Guard Sam Young
March 15, 2012, 7:15 am
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No, it's not Dwight Howard, and no, it's not gonna make anyone change
their end-of-season outlooks for Philly, but the Sixers and GM Rod Thorn
have made a decent, low-risk move in acquiring third-year guard Sam
Young from the Memphis Grizzlies before the trade deadline today. The
expense is the rights to 2005 second-round pick Ricky Sanchez, who has
played a grand total of zero games for the Sixers or any other NBA team
as he continues to spend his pro career in Puerto Rico. Good enough.

Sam Young hasn't exactly set the world on fiii-yahhhh!! this
season, falling out of the Grizzlies rotation almost entirely, playing
more than five minutes in a game only twice since February. But that's
mostly a testament to the Grizzlies being stocked with big, range-y twos
and threes, including OJ Mayo, Tony Allen and Rudy Gay. Last year,
Young was a starter on the Grizz team that upset the Spurs in the first
round of the playoffs, and averaged seven a game on 47% shooting and 34%
from deep. Rod Thorn has expressed his desire for a shooter with some
size off the bench now that Evan Turner has moved to the starting
lineup, and in the tough, 6'6" Young, they got one.

Again, not a home run of a trade, and if the team was going to make a
low-leverage acquisition, I would've preferred it to be for a defensive
big. Still, considering what they gave up—nothing, effectively—and
considering that Sam Young makes less than a mil this year and his
contract is up at the end of the season, give credit to Thorn and co for
making the team 1% better at no real expense to their present and
future. And personally speaking, I always liked Young as a player, going
back to his days playing with DeJuan Blair and Fat Levance Fields at

Welcome aboard, Sammy. Please see Malik at the booth to acquire all
your necessary "Night Shift" paraphernalia. You're about an XL, right?

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