Bobcats vs. Sixers: Save Yourself, Evan Turner

Bobcats vs. Sixers: Save Yourself, Evan Turner
February 9, 2013, 1:54 pm
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Let me make this clear in no uncertain terms: I support no trade
scenario that Tony DiLeo could possibly devise that would include the
shipping out of Evan Turner. Forget Basketball Reasons, though I do
think ET is a good basketball player and one worth sticking wtih—more
imporantly, I have lived and died with every song thing Evan Turner has
done for the last two-and-half seasons now, and I am 100% unwilling to
give up on him, regardless of the impact it may have on our basketball
team. If, as that fink Marc Stein reports,
the Sixers are shopping the Extraterrestrial, and if they end up
dealing him, I will never trust this franchise (or myself, or anything)
ever again.

Of course, emotional considerations aside, it would
be nice if Evan gave the Sixers some legit on-court reasons not to want
to part with him. Since scoring 20+ in three games straight for the
first time in his career, Evan has been absolutely abysmal shooting the
ball, even by Slumping Evan Turner standards, averaging five a game on
25% FG. Hard to say whether these trade rumors will light a fire under
him and cause him to play with some focus, or send him into an even
further emotional tailspin—as always, anything is possible with the
Villain—but he'll certainly get his chance against the 11-38 Bobcats
(and #2 pick Michael Kidd-Gilchrist) tonight, as the Sixers will again
be shorthanded on offense without Thaddeus Young or Jason Richardson,
the latter now officially out for the season.

8:00 tip from the WFC. Don't let them take our love away, Evan.

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