Brett Brown Ignores the Haters, Signs on with Sixers for Four Years

Brett Brown Ignores the Haters, Signs on with Sixers for Four Years
August 12, 2013, 11:29 am
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Way to not give into peer pressure, BB. Despite Marc Stein's asserting on Friday night--after what seemed like official word of Brett Brown's commitment to the Sixers as their latest head coach--that Brown's coaching peers with the Spurs and elsewhere were trying to take him out of a coaching job in Philly, calling the Sixers a guaranteed 60-loss team, the San Antonio assistant has in fact signed his name on the line that is dotted to be the Liberty Ballers' next commander-in-chief. (And stay away from our man from now on, you poisonous coaching haters.)

SI has the story, and says that Brown has the positional security of a four-year guaranteed deal with the Sixers. Of course, nothing but the money is ever really guaranteed in such a deal, but with GM Sam Hinkie so consistently preaching the virtues of taking the long view on things, it's pretty unlikely that a couple 60-loss seasons will cost Brown his job--really, his job might be more in jeopardy if he somehow steers this team to 35 wins and out of lottery contention. (Not really, but he'd probably get a stern talking to about "trusting the process" or some such.)

Anyway, good on the Sixers for finally getting their man, even if it took many months and countless unnecessary interviews with other applicants to do so. Now all we need is a backup point guard and maybe another shooter off the bench, and we can sit back and prepare for the Ls to come rolling in.

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