Brett Brown on Grantland: He loves that Philly is a cold and angry city

Brett Brown on Grantland: He loves that Philly is a cold and angry city
January 22, 2014, 2:45 pm
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The Sixers haven't been putting a ton of 'W's in the win column as of late, but head coach Brett Brown has been winning fans over with his fantastic interviews. Last week it was a video chat he did with Henry Abbott of TrueHoop and today it's a nice Q&A he had with Grantland's Zach Lowe prior to Friday night's loss to Miami.

One of the things that is interesting about Brown is that he's obviously aware of some of the more advance stats talked about a lot on the Internet and in the basketball world today. He knows they exist -- he must, being a Hinkie guy and all -- but he also knows his decades of experience in the game of basketball could maybe trump analytics at times.

This is one of the main points Sam Hinkie seemed to need to defend himself against when he was initially hired. Stats and analytics can be a very valuable tool. But they're not the basketball bible.

For instance, Brown downplays the notion that a bad team (the Sixers!) pushing the pace all game long is a tanking mechanism. Something that was talked about frequently earlier in the season.

There's also this great response from Brown when Lowe calls Philly a cold and angry city (If you've been outdoors in the past day or two it's hard to argue).

Brown: And you could use that time to do due diligence — to look at the owners, the roster, and to understand a little bit more about Sam [Hinkie, the Sixers GM]. I grew up in New England, and spent so much time in Boston, I’m acutely aware of the sporting pulse of a city like Philadelphia.

Lowe: A cold, angry city.

Brown: And I love it. I love being back on this side of the country. I like the snow, I like the cold. It’s where I’m from, it’s my upbringing.

Brett's probably out running in FDR Park right now like Rocky in the Russian mountains.

The whole chat is worthwhile and will make you like Brown even more.

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