Brett Brown seems very happy with Nerlens Noel's progress

Brett Brown seems very happy with Nerlens Noel's progress
December 12, 2013, 9:34 pm
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When you don't see a guy on the court when you tune in for the Sixers every couple of nights, it's easy to forget that they have one of the top prizes of the 2013 NBA Draft in Nerlens Noel. While Noel may not be seeing game action, he's certainly hard at work and coach Brett Brown recently spoke very highly of him.

Noel has been attempting to rebuild his shot while allowing his knee time to fully recover.'s Dei Lynam caught up with Brown who was almost gushing. Check out some of these quotes.

“I am thrilled [with] what he has done with his shot,” Brown said on Wednesday.

“He is a total rebuild,” Brown said, just like he has in the past. “No finger there, toe there -- it is a total makeover. Now it is December, and we said your guide hand will not touch the ball until after Christmas because it screws up your shot.”

“I am thrilled with where he is at,” Brown said. “There is far more fluid to his shot and I think the carryover from this year will be significant if we can get it right for his future.”

Oh and the two play horse on a regular basis but only shoot with one hand.

It all kind of makes you want to press the "simulate season" button on the 2013-14 season, but then we wouldn't have all that fun watching Tony Wroten dish the rock.

Go read the whole thing on Nerlens. It'll give you a little bit more hope for the future.

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