Clarence Weatherspoon Lived in Brett Farve's Dorm

Clarence Weatherspoon Lived in Brett Farve's Dorm
September 15, 2011, 12:42 pm
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With the lockout in full effect, the Sixers and their website have to fill the need for content somehow. Luckily for us, they're running a series of alumni interviews with some fan favorites from over the years.

Today, provides a real nice Q&A with the Spoon, Clarence Weatherspoon.

First, a few random facts from my childhood. I was into collecting sports cards. For some reason I was more into basketball and football cards rather than the traditional baseball cards. I had baseball cards too, but not nearly as many.

There were two players whose cards I stock piled for reasons not entirely clear. No. 1 on my list of cards was legendary Detroit Lion RB Barry Sanders -- perhaps my favorite athlete as a kid. I had over 200 of his cards, including the coveted 1989 Score rookie.

But No. 2 on my list was a little bit stranger. For reasons I'm not at all sure of to this day, I had upwards of 100-125 Clarence Weatherspoon cards.

Totally random.

And with that, here's a highlight from the Sixers' Q&A:

S.C:Did you ever hang out with Brett Farve while you were both at Southern Miss?

CR: We lived in the same dorm; Van Hall was the
athletic dorm so we had meal tables there for training. We always had
great sports programs. Southern Miss is a school that can produce great
football, baseball and basketball players.

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