Collins Will Give the Ball to Dre in the Clutch (Repeat As Needed)

Collins Will Give the Ball to Dre in the Clutch (Repeat As Needed)
March 29, 2011, 7:52 am
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“Ball’s going to be in his hands,” 76ers coach Doug Collins stated flatly Sunday,
after the Sixers’ overtime loss to the Kings. “He’s going to drive the
basket, and he’s going to make a play for us or he’s going to get
fouled or he’s going to score.”

Funny he doesn't mention Dre's going to "miss a flailing layup," "not
pass to an open shooter," or "miss a tough, contested jumper."

Collins is certainly consistent in giving the ball to Dre with the
game winding down, but it seems to be costing the team more wins than
it's earning them. At what point does Collins mix it up?

It's one of the few things that Collins does with this team that fans
don't seem to support at all. It's also a bit puzzling in that there's
no reason he could go with Jrue one day and back to Dre the next. Why
the hard and fast rule to always go with Dre in these situations?

Reuben Frank takes a look at Iguodala's last second attempts this season and his coach's unwavering insistence to give him the ball in those situations.

You all know the results, but it's almost more annoying to see them listed out.

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