Cool It Now: Sixers Hope to Get First Win Against Heat

Cool It Now: Sixers Hope to Get First Win Against Heat
March 16, 2012, 2:23 pm
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The good news? We'll have new starter Evan Turner playing big minutes
tonight, hopefully keeping up his boss play from the last four games.
The bad news? Not only are we facing the Heat for the third time this
season, after dispiriting losses in the first two games, but as in our
two losses, we'll be without center Spencer Hawes, being saved by Coach
Collins tonight so that he can play tomorrow night against the Bulls. We
need all our weapons against this Heat team, and without one such as
Hawes...well, I guess we'll still have a minor excuse if we lose.

At least the Sixers are catching the Heat at a somewhat vulnerable
stretch. Miami has looked distinctly human in their last four games,
barely escaping in home wins against Atlanta and Indiana, and then
losing on the road to Orlando and Chicago, the latter playing without
reigning MVP Derrick Rose. The Sixers might not scare the Heat, but they
always at least get up for games against Miami, and if we can manage to
jump out to any kind of lead early, we might have a shot at finishing
them off before they can every really kick into third gear.

7:00 tip from the WFC. Nationally televised game, so we'll have to wait
at least one more night to hear what kinda nicknames Zumoff and Malik
have come up with for latest Night Shift member Sam Young, solo or in
tandem with fellow Young'n Thaddeus. After this multi-day layoff, they
better be some damn catchy aliases, guys.

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