Darryl Dawkins Still Dunks, But Only Once a Year

Darryl Dawkins Still Dunks, But Only Once a Year
October 22, 2012, 11:45 am
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You'll be happy to know that the man responsible for the NBA's switch to the breakaway rim is still able to dunk — even if its only only once a year.

Gordie Jones recently sat down with Darryl Dawkins to help share the story of Dawkins's family life, specifically his relationship with his daughter, Tabitha, who suffers from down syndrome.

The title of the piece, "'Chocolate Thunder' grounded — and it's a good thing," helps to illustrate how a man who once hailed from the planet Lovetron is now "soft touch" for his kids when not performing community outreach work for the Sixers and Nets or working with Native American basketball players in the Midwest.

Of course, there are three other juicy nuggets to pull from the piece.

1. Dawkins, now 55, dunks just once a year in order to see if he can still do it.

2. Dawkins first backboard-shattering dunk on Nov. 13, 1979 — which he named the "Chocolate Thunder Flyin’, Robinzine Cryin’, Teeth Shakin’, Glass Breakin’, Rump Roastin’, Bun Toastin’, Wham Bam, Glass Breaker I Am Jam" — was an accident. The second one, on Dec. 6, was not.

3. Dawkins is responsible for the scar you may or may not have noticed around Sixers coach Doug Collins' eye.

For further details on each of the above notes and more on what Dawkins is up to now that he's given up the practice of "interplanetary funkmanship," check out Jones' piece. It's worth the read.

LINK: Chocolate Thunder' grounded — and it's a good thing

Dawkins, Doc, and Doug on the finer points of glass breaking:

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