Did the Dallas Mavericks Rip Off The Sixers Rallying Cry?

Did the Dallas Mavericks Rip Off The Sixers Rallying Cry?
June 10, 2011, 7:58 am
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First, the Miami Heat knock the Sixers out of the playoffs, then the Dallas Mavericks go out and print almost identical t-shirts that the Sixers used during their short-lived playoff run. As Twitter friend Aaron Horton pointed out, the Sixers got straight "swagger-jacked."

Now, to be fair to the Mavericks, while the image on the shirt is almost identical, the idea appears to be quite different.

The Sixers' team rallying cry this season, started by guard Lou Williams, was somewhat based on Doug Collins showing love for his team. Lou Will turned this into a hand-sign -- something that looks like an 'L' for love -- which was later turned into a team slogan heading into the post-season and was printed up on t-shirts, used in commercials, turned into twitter hashtags #showyaluv, etc.

Luv was shown for the Philly boys.

The Mavericks seem to be coming from a different direction. For anyone who has seen Inglorious Bastards, Americans and Germans do not use the same hand sign to demonstrate the number three. As NBA fans know well, Dirk Nowitzki is the German Moses and has been known to flash the three finger sign after hitting a huge tres.

The differences seem pretty clear, but Lou Williams isn't happy about having his swagger jacked and tweeted as much last night, saying "Y'all gon take our whole thing huh?" while posting a photo of the Mavs t-shirt.

I only saw this because fellow Twitter friend Arron retweeted Lou Williams tweet. I am unable to see the thin-skinned scorer's Twitter feed because he has me -- as well as anyone who has ever laid any sort of criticism towards him -- blocked.

What do you think? Does Lou Will have a valid argument to be upset with the Mavericks and their freshly printed t-shirts?

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