Doug Collins Called Lavoy Allen 'The Black Arnold Schwarzenegger'

Doug Collins Called Lavoy Allen 'The Black Arnold Schwarzenegger'
October 26, 2012, 11:02 am
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Is it possible this happened while on the medicine ball?

Doug Collins said earlier this preseason that his team, and certain members of it in particular, needed to get in better shape. Collins later clarified those remarks, making them seem less like an issue he was really worried about.

Still, this is the guy who last year would publicly lust after Xavier Silas' physique. So imagine how ecstatic he must be to see Lavoy Allen all fit and ripped again.

“Lavoy is getting in good shape," Collins told John Finger. "I was kidding him today, I saw him in the
strength and conditioning and he had his shirt off. I said, ‘I’ve seen you with
three sweatshirts on and now you have your shirt off, so you feel good about the
way you look.’ That was symbolic. The black Arnold Schwarzenegger is back.”

Allen, you may remember, gained a good 15-20 pounds in between his senior season at Temple and his rookie year with the Sixers. He used that strength to body up Kevin Garnett in last year's playoffs and has been receiving compliments from his teammates in camp about just how strong he is in the post.

That, combined with his natural defensive instincts, are good things -- considering he's going to be playing center in the NBA at 6-foot-9.

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