Doug Collins On Sixers Being Distracted At Home

Doug Collins On Sixers Being Distracted At Home
May 18, 2012, 4:47 pm
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Home court advantage isn't always as cut and dry as you might think. In fact, Sixers Coach Doug Collins talked about a young team having more distractions when playing at home.

How many tickets does Aunt Mary need? Will cousin Tony be coming to Game 4? A veteran team like the Cetlics has dealt with these issues before whereas the Sixers youngsters are experiencing it for the first time.

Think the Sixers looked less focused than Boston to start Game 4? Here's what Coach Collins said before the game about young teams and the distractions that come with playing at home.

"Sometimes with a younger team you take away some of the distractions [on the road] of a lot of family," Coach Collins said. "And I hate to use family as a distraction cause I'll get shot for doing that -- but you have a lot of people come in [at home] and you feel like you have to spend a lot of time with them. I read something the other day that Kevin Garnett said that this time of the year is about getting your rehab, getting your workout in, eating and sleeping."

The Sixers found themselves down 16-2 early in the first quarter and certainly didn't look to bring the fire and focus you'd expect from a team with their back against a wall, attempting to defend their home turf.

They came out looking like crap, but can they find a way to battle back?

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