East Loses All-Star Game But Jrue Acquits Himself Admirably, Pops a Rim-Rocker

East Loses All-Star Game But Jrue Acquits Himself Admirably, Pops a Rim-Rocker
February 17, 2013, 6:41 pm
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As a 22-year-old first-timer (and third-stringer) at the All-Star Game,
all you can really hope to do is get a couple buckets, provide maybe one
memorable highlight play, and generally try not to embarrass yourself.
Our All-Star point guard Jrue Holiday did precisely that at tonight's
ASG, going 3-6 in his 15 minutes of game action, with a couple boards, a
couple steals (including an impressive takeaway on the Thunder's
Russell Westbrook), and a nice dime to Knicks center Tyson Chandler open
under the basket.

Oh, and there was also this:

We knew Jrue
to be capable of the occasional highlight stuff, though most of the
truly emphatic ones he's attempted have ended up clanging off the rim.
Not this time, though, as Jrue was able to make his Eastern Conference
teammates jump off the bench in excitement with his rim-rocker. (Not
like it's particularly hard to get those guys excited, but still.) He
might not have proven himself one of the league's burgeoning elite like
teammates Paul George and Kyrie Irving, but he didn't seem out of place
at the game, either.

The East lost 143-138, as LeBron went
weirdly silent in the fourth quarter—ahhhh, remember that sentence? Just
like in the good ol' days!—but Jrue had long since checked out by
actual Winning Time. All in all, a very solid All-Star debut for the
Damaja, and just the first of many All-Star appearances we hope to see
from Jrue while he wears a Sixers uniform.

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