Eddie Jordan Kinda Sorta Found a New Job

Eddie Jordan Kinda Sorta Found a New Job
February 10, 2012, 8:35 am
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Part of us hates to do this, bringing up the old painful memories while things are so copacetic in Sixers-dom, but we thought some of you may be interested in knowing where the Princeton offense is still being taught.

Eddie Jordan has bounced back from getting canned by the Sixers by landing a job with a high school team in Washington. But his ties to Philadelphia haven't been completely severed, mostly because he's still cashing a $3 million paycheck from the Sixers this season.

And then there's the old office supplies! "Jordan keeps blueprints for each practice in a white binder that is
thicker than a phone book. Many of the plays are diagrammed on his old
76ers stationery."

NBA stationery goes a long way for your high school street cred.

>>Eddie Jordan Goes From N.B.A. to High School [NYTimes]

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