Everybody in San Antonio wanted to hug Brett Brown last night

Everybody in San Antonio wanted to hug Brett Brown last night
March 25, 2014, 12:03 pm
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Brett Brown has nothing but respect for the San Antonio Spurs and always speaks incredibly highly of the memories and championships from the time he spent there. That respect goes both ways.

Brown returned to San Antonio last night as head coach of a Philadelphia 76ers team that will likely set the NBA's All-Time losing streak record, but Greg Popovich and his players had nothing but praise for their old pal.

“I think he is as tough minded as the environment that exists there in Philly,” Popovich said. “He’s a very focused individual with great competitiveness and unbelievable fiber. He keeps an eye on what’s important. He will always be participatory and creative, but at the same time very consistent in his demands and knowing what wins and loses. He can stick with a program and is loyal as the day is long. He’s a winner in life in a whole lot of ways.”

And after the game the hugs just kept coming as you can watch in the above video.

Watching the two teams was tough knowing that the one you root for is miles away from the crisp ball-moving, shot-making team that beat them handily. But it also gives you a tiny bit of hope that Brett Brown can build that sort of culture in Philadelphia. It probably won't happen over night or even with one lucky bounce of a lottery ball, but the way his old cohorts in San Antonio speak about him, it makes you believe it's possible.

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