Family Photo a Reminder of Nick Young's Sad Past and the Good He's Doing Now

Family Photo a Reminder of Nick Young's Sad Past and the Good He's Doing Now
January 4, 2013, 5:34 am
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Los Angeles native Nick Young had a chance to spend some time at home during the Sixers' West Coast road trip.

Born in Reseda, Young played his college ball at USC and spent 22 games with the Clippers at the end of last season.

We typically joke around about Swaggy's playing style, but if you've never heard about Nick's family history, take some time to read this story published on the Clippers' website last March. Here's a small portion:

In 1991, while living near Baldwin Hills, a neighborhood south of Interstate 10 in the shadow of downtown Los Angeles, Charles Young Jr., Nick’s older brother, was shot and killed by a member of the Bloods street gang. Charles was exiting a class at a local community college and was mistaken for a rival gang member. He died almost instantly at the scene.

Nick Young was only five years old at the time, but the years that followed were tumultuous. According to the 2007 film, “Second Chance Season,” which chronicled Young’s journey through high school, his oldest brother John suffered a breakdown following the shooting and was committed to a mental institution. Charles Sr. said in the documentary, “One bullet killed two sons.”

Young has since dedicated himself to speaking out against gang violence. Via an NBC Washington story from Sept. 2011:

Nick started the Nick Young Foundation with hopes of putting an end to gang violence and offering free psychiatric services to those who have been affected by it.

“I want to be a voice for my community and make a difference in the world,” Nick said.

He recently posted this picture to his Instagram page, with the caption: "Team Fro's my pops and big bro and me lol."

The whole Young family obviously loves shirts with Swaggy P. himself on them.

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