Free Arnett: Sixers Host Celtics in First of Home-and-Home

Free Arnett: Sixers Host Celtics in First of Home-and-Home
December 7, 2012, 1:23 pm
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Tim Tebow has not played in the NFL since 2012, when he was a backup quarterback for the New York Jets. (USA Today Images)

Remember Arnett Moultrie? We gave up a future first-rounder to gank him
from Miami with the 27th pick of the draft, and thusfar he's played 37
minutes and scored eight points for us—like, all season. You'd think a
guy we had that much faith in pre-draft would get a chance to at least
prove his worth, but Coach Collins is notoriously distrusting of
rookies, probably dating back to when he bought a rook on the '76 Sixers
a drink and the guy never returned the favor. Moultrie might get a
chance tonight against the Celtics in the first of a two-night
home-and-home series, as Kwame Brown is hurting with the stomach flu and
Collins says he'll get "first crack" ahead of the Kwamster.

7:00 tip from the WFC. Can he take down Kevin Garnett and lead the Sixers to victory? Can he get us some rebounds at least? How about a Budweiser from the concessions stand? Prove your mettle a little bit here, guy.

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