Guaros de Lara MVP: Allen Iverson?

Guaros de Lara MVP: Allen Iverson?
February 17, 2012, 6:45 am
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Bad stories about awesome athletes can really suck sometimes.

Reports (some generated by his own camp) are now emerging that Allen Iverson is once more attempting a return to the NBA -- albeit through non-traditional means.
Iverson is allegedly interested in signing with teams in the Caribbean, South America or even the D-League in an attempt to take one last shot at the Association.
A source tells ESPN's Chris Broussard: "Allen only wants to play if there's a possibility that it leads to the NBA," the person said, speaking on condition of anonymity. "That's the only way he would go to one of these lower leagues. He wants to get back to the NBA and leave the game on his terms."
This renewed interest in basketball happens to come just days after a Georgia judge garnished funds from the former Sixer to pay-off an $860,000 debt to a jeweler.
Broussard goes on to claim that Iverson has not received any direct interest from NBA teams, but has has fielded some calls from the Los Angeles Lakers D-League affiliate -- the Los Angeles Defenders.
As mentioned in the title, Iverson has also garnered some interest from a Venezuelan club named Guaros de Lara, though no formal contract has been offered.
So, if we're getting this straight, a once-great-but-now-past-his-prime superstar is trying to recreate himself in South of the border? Where have we seen this before?
Clip definitely NSFW..

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