Hahahahahah Sixers on National Television

Hahahahahah Sixers on National Television
February 28, 2013, 2:11 pm
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Whoops. Every year there's one team who gets a couple too many games on
National TV due to some projected off-season storyline that doesn't end
up panning out, and it looks like this year, that's the Sixers (or
possibly the Timberwolves, playing after in the late game). The Liberty
Ballers will be facing off against the Chicago Bulls tonight in
Chi-Town, and yes, you can watch it bore Ernie, Chuck, Kenny and Shaq to
tears tonight on TNT. We're sorry, America—we'd rather you didn't have
to watch our crappy team, either.

8:00 tip on Ted TV. If anyone
has a Sixers National TV Storyline bingo card or (better yet) drinking
game they'd like to share with the rest of the class, that'd be very
much appreciated. We need to be plastered before anybody starts talking
about the Funny-Looking Kid With the Big Hair.

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