Heat in the Hot Seat: Sixers Look to Continue Comeback in Game Two

Heat in the Hot Seat: Sixers Look to Continue Comeback in Game Two
April 20, 2011, 10:09 am
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Wouldn't you just know it? The Heat win game one of their first-round series against the Sixers, and they're still the ones who have to get defensive in the post-game press conferences. After their 97-89 victory—which saw them comeback from a 12-point deficit after the first quarter, but which also saw them squander a 16-point lead to near nothing in the final minutes—it's the Heat who've had to talk about making adjustments. The series scorecard still reads 1-0 Miami, but you can fairly well bet that it's not Philly, who many pundits have had getting swept from the get, who will be feeling the pressure when the two teams meet for Game Two in Miami tonight.

Undoubtedly, the Sixers will have to make some adjustments of their own, including switching up defenses on LeBron (who claims to have studied 'Dre's defense on him from game one well enough to be able to beat up on him this time out), throwing different bodies (or just any bodies at all) at Bosh, who shredded the Sixers for 25 on Saturday, and attacking the two-three zone defense the Heat started going to as Game One went on, an alignment that has screwed up the Sixers all season. Personally, I'd like to see more of Evan Turner, who played good defense on LeBron in limited minutes over the weekend, and is one of the better Sixers at attacking certain spots on the court, potentially making him a key cog against the zone.

7:05 tip from the American Airlines Arena. "We did a great job of keeping the 'Big Three' down," said Thaddeus Young after the team's game one near-miss. "We take away a lot (from this game)." Indeed we do, but the question remains—can we take a win away at some point?

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